Hello, 2018!

I know, I know. I’m, well, 16 days late to be greeting “Hello, 2018!”. Procrastination kween, yas!

Today, I decided to write for myself and not for anyone else. Not for the likes or the reblog or whatever. Black Mirror taught me one thing and it haunted me ever since. There was this story about a girl with a 4.2 something rating. Her whole life revolves around maintaining this rating and even aiming to surpass it to the point that she’s faking everything – even friendships and connections.

It sucked and it hit a big nerve. I re-calibrated and thought why I needed to maintain a blogging page. Is it because of my passion and desire to share my thoughts OR to gain more followers and like on my blog? The answer should be instant but I found myself battling with my thoughts because somehow, I am ashamed to admit to myself that I am partially doing it to gain likes.

Sooooo, not anymore. I will say what’s on my mind – unfiltered and just spontaneous. I will write about anything and everything that triggers me both in positive and negative ways. I will write what I’m passionate about and I will freely express myself.

For once, I’d like to share how being carefree feels like and how putting yourself first is vital to filling that void we feel sometimes.

Hasta la proxima ves.

Katie ♥



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