Review: Buddy’s Pancit Lucban

We’re really home buddies and would very much prefer spending the weekends at home. Most of the time, we would binge watch on Netflix and munch on home cooked meals. Yesterday was different. I woke up to the sound of my mother knocking on the door and asking if we want to join them for lunch. I did not think it was lunch time already. It was around 11:30 am when she tried to wake us up. My cousin/brother Rhys was in the mood to go out for lunch, plus my sister-in-law had to visit her doctor. The couple and my mother agreed to go to our new favorite place, Fishermall. Since Kate and I are heavy sleepers, my mom pushed her luck and woke me up. Good thing I heard her and I immediately opened the door. The idea did not sink in right away. I woke up Kate and in a very weird voice, I said “Lunch out daw tayo sa Fishermall. Libre ni JJ (Rhys).” Kate asked me if I wanted to come, I said yes and she was game to join the pack as well.

Of course I knew that lunch will not have our usual food (AKA healthy meals). Yep, we’ve been quite consistent on the diet plan. Anyway, it was a Sunday—so cheat day! We did the usual stuff to prepare, the last to take a bath is always the luckiest. Ewan ko ba, there’s something weird in being the first one to go. When we arrived in Fishermall, first order of business: lunch. Since my brother was treating us, he picked the restaurant. We then went to Buddy’s. I think I’ve heard about this place before, but I have not tried it. My brother was a fan of their pancit, which is something he and his colleagues would order for delivery in his Makati office.

First Impression: The place was huge and it was really packed with families. It has a second-floor where more seats are located. We went upstairs to get a table, while my brother and mom ordered food. Upon entering the place, you will hear a loud music that really shows the “fiesta” or festive mood of the place. It can be easily noticed that they serve Filipino food. The decors are really great and colorful. I love how the furnitures are designed as well. They are made of cute-looking wooden pieces, with laminated table tops. You can really feel the Pinoy vibe.

I’m a sucker for Filipino food so this one is really interesting to me. I was wondering what could be different or special in this place. Being someone who enjoys eating out on a budget, I would always crave for Max’s fried chicken or Gerry’s grilled baby squid. Let’s see what Buddy’s has to offer! *Excited*

My brother ordered a set meal for 8 people…and take note that we are only 5 at the time. Alam niyo na. We got their sizzling sisig with egg, fried chicken, rice, pizza, and pancit Lucban. I know, I know. Carbo-loading at its finest. Well, Pinoy dishes are really rich in carbs. So wala. 🙂

The pizza was served first. Hawaiian. We tried it out and it does taste like a Filipino version of the Italian staple. It’s sweet, perhaps the pineapples also added to the sweetness. I love the generous amount of cheese in this pizza. Hindi siya tinipid. 4/5

The sisig was good. It has a distinct flavor. The meat was tender as well. I can guess that it was slow cooked as the meat came of flaky. Yum! It was a little greasy for me, but hey, it’s sisig. 4/5

Image result for buddy's sisig

Fried chicken was served later during the meal. I must say it is worth the wait. The meat was really tender and the chicken skin was crispy enough that you want to get another piece after the other. It’s quite comparable to Max’s. Buddy’s version only looks crispier, which is a good thing. Kate commented that it does taste like a legit Filipino fried chicken recipe. Sarap! 4.5/5

Pancit Lucban – oh my god! where have you been all my life? I’m really a sucker for noodle dishes, especially pancit bihon, canton, and miki. We had 3 full servings of this dish. It does look hefty! We managed to finish just 1 plate, along with the other food. The taste was special, and interesting as well. The noodles were not overly done. It has a specific texture that creates a borderline impression of a well-coooked noodle and something that has been stir fried. It has loads of veggies and topped with crispy pork cuts (lechon kawali). Unlike the other noodle dishes, this one is particularly dry and you can really taste the flavor of the soy sauce, meat, and the veggies coming together in full circle. In short, panalo siya mamshie! I’ve read that pancit Lucban or habhab should be eaten without a fork (ie. eat it straight from the banana leaf, with your mouth), but we did not try that ‘cause it might get really messy. 🙂 I really enjoyed this dish and it was a good experience to try something new with the family. I became an instant fan of this pancit. 5/5

Related image

After the meal, we went to different parts of the mall. Rhys and Lou went to Medical City for the check up. Kate, mom, and I went to the bazaar or tiangge downstairs. We bought some pieces to be used for the year end party, and Kate had a milestone done in this bazaar. Hint: something her mother will not like? 🙂 We all went to Mumuso and again bought some stuff (which we are not sure if we need), before heading home. Rhys went straight to his MBA friends since they had a review session.

It was indeed a Sunday well spent. Good food and good company is always the perfect combo.

P.S. We had another round of the pancit Lucban for dinner. We could not resist eating the takeout. 🙂

Until then,

Clam ❤


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