Here are my current skincare favorites!

Hera White Program

I am generally fair, to begin with. But this Hera skincare line caught my attention. The packaging is so simple and quite literal. White program = white everything.

On the bottle, you’d see these 3 things:

  • Whitening
  • Revitalizing
  • Radiance

Whitening – couldn’t see a visible difference. Been using this for a week. Maybe it takes longer. Maybe it doesn’t. So far, nada.

Revitalizing – OMG yaaaas. My skin is like a dry patch of land. And now, it’s smoother and it looks like it was revived from the dead. So 11/10. Yaaaas!

Radiance – people are noticing what makes me blooming. Girl, nothing. Izz just this White Program set. See? No one needs love life. Cheka.


Still my favorite!!

Water sleeping mask is best to apply after cooling it for a little bit (aka putting in the fridge 5 mins before application). Definitely locks in moisture from all the skincare products you put underneath.

Lip sleeping mask never fails to amaze me. My lips are dry AF and this just makes it forget that. When I wake up in the morning, all the dry residue have dissolved and it’s so supple.


Guerisson 9 complex horse oil cream for my neck and nape or if my face needs extra moisture. Yep, it’s legit dry. Like a barren land.

These are the things I use AFTER I wash my face. The before is quite complicated you know. Think I’ll dedicate a separate post for that.


Featured question: Have you tried these? Any feedback?

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